We support equality

Carers can often feel isolated or hidden in their caring role, and many carers struggle acknowledging they need extra help or support, and for LGBT carers, this can be exacerbated. LGBT people can sometimes feel excluded from mainstream services or may fear that they will encounter discrimination or prejudice because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

By offering Caring with Confidence in a safe gay/trans space can help remove the barrier of feeling you may not be accepted or treated appropriately. We understand that some LGBT carers might face issues which are specific to their sexual orientation/gender identity and it is vitally important to ensure that you have no fear about accessing Caring with Confidence sessions.

Equally some LGBT carers may not feel comfortable to disclose their sexual orientation or to access a recognised gay space – and for this reason, the providers of the programme listed above can offer sessions at other venues as required, whilst ensuring all carers accessing sessions are treated respectfully and appropriately.

As an LGBT carer or someone caring for an LGBT person, you will not feel at risk of homophobia, transphobia or discrimination accessing Caring with Confidence sessions.